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MÖNSTER/SEWING PATTERN "Your choise sweatshirt"  by MW CRAFT pappersformat/ Hard copy/physical

MÖNSTER/SEWING PATTERN "Your choise sweatshirt" by MW CRAFT pappersformat/ Hard copy/physical

199 SEK
One pattern including three different sweatshirts, one with the popular Biker collar iconic for MW patterns, made without the zipper!


Pattern for making Your choice sweatshirts
Kids sizes 56-170
Instructions with illustrations, written in BOTH SWEDISH AND ENGLISH (two separate files, download from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1gwirqo74e42snk/AAABAtT5dUoMY2dQjMYES_8ra?dl=0)
There is also a short video avalible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRGf1PloHis&t=10s


Biker collar
Shawl neck (cowl)
Roll neck


Knit fabrics, including but not limited to:
*Cotton lycra blends
*French terry
*Light sweater knits

SKILL LEVEL: confident beginner

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How do I choose size?
The sizes are the childs height. Example; 80= up to 80cm tall (I suggest to size up, if the height is for example 82cm, make size 86 etc)

FITTING: Regular


If you're going to sew a baby size, I recommend that you use thin fabric with a lot of stretch, otherweise it might be hard to get over the baby's head!
OR as you can see in one picture, not place your fabric on fold while cutting the collar, to make it only half the height and give more space for the head and neck.
Another option is to cut down on the collars height.

FAQ What is the differece between this pattern with biker collar option and the Biker jacket?
-It is not possible to sew the collar with a zipper
-The fitting is different

For personal and limited commercial use only.

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